This video will give you some idea of what the book is about.  It was made shortly before Doug was locked up in Federal prison for "protesting the loudest and the longest against the polygraph".

The true story of Doug Williams' crusade against the insidious Orwellian polygraph industry. 

Coming soon

DOUG WILLIAMS  -  405/226-4856  -

I was just on the JORDAN HARBINGER SHOW talking about my crusade.  Good interview - check it out.

To learn more about  the man behind this fascinating story, go to - read the scores of articles written about Doug Williams and watch the media clips of his appearances on everything from CBS 60 MINUTES to PENN & TELLER: BULLSHIT!   FALSE CONFESSIONS tells about many of the adventures Doug has had in his  war on the thugs and charlatans in the polygraph industry...  But there is much more ahead...  STAY TUNED!